I have had a fair few holidays in my life and I hope to venture to many more places which I have not yet observed the beauty of. 

I have been to Venice in Italy, I went last year during theEaster holiday 

These photos were taken in the centre of Venice where we went two days in a row, and did a lot of shopping which I extremely enjoyed! On our way back from Venice we drove through Switzerland and the landscape was breathtaking and I saw another opportunity to take some photographs.

It has become a sort of tradition for my family to visit London at least once a year, my favourite time to go is in the winter, when all the Christmas decorations are out and it’s all cold etc

All of these photos were taken last winter of 2016 in London, which is one of my favourite cities in the world because it wasn’t just built. It has so much history in the streets and has been around for ages!

The following photos are when I went to Belgium on a school trip with my history department in was to learn and pay our repsects about WW1 and the soldiers that fought in that war. The photo of the grave, J.Allan from the Australian Regiment was the grave which I randomly selected to place my poppy cross on, if I had enough I would’ve put one on every grave there.we visited many memorials and museums and it was a very emotional experience. Unfortunately I don’t have many photos of the next holiday, this disappoints me as it was one of my favourite holidays I have had, because it was probably one of the last full family holidays that my family will have. We went to the Isle of Skye in Scotland and went on a bus tour around the island. Completed a walk up the mountains and many more exciting things like afternoon tea at a hotel.

Last year, 2016 me and my household family went to the Grand National, because of us highly recommending the experience we went again this year, 2017, with the same family who we went to the Isle of Skye with. We had an amazing time and I would love to go again!

Also in the Easter half term this year, 2017, I went to Cornwall with my family, my cousin and a family friend. We had an amazing girly time. We are a lot of chocolate and spent every night in the hot tub! It was purely breathtaking, the view from our hot tub was. I hope to go on many more adventures similar to these in the future and I hope to share every single one of them with you.

I also went to Bath with my mom and nan for a long weekend as it was bank holiday. There was a street where all of the high end shops were located and they marked that street with vibrant coloured umbrellas which I thought looked lovely! 

I hope that many of you have a wonderful summer holiday and don’t waste a day! Even if your not on holiday make the days you have count! 

Let me know your favourite holiday destinations or where your going during the summer holidays.



A Little Bit More To Know About Me…

As you know if you’ve read my first post, I enjoy to draw, as I take art as a GCSE sometimes I draw for my coursework and most of the time I just draw because I love to do it! I would like to share some of my drawings with you and when I draw some in the future I will also share them with you, but here are the ones which I have currently done so far and the ones that I am half way through. It is very rare that I use colour in my drawings which is why for some classic Disney films I made them look like silhouettes.

For all of these I drew them free hand from a picture off of the internet but since I have gotten into photography I intend on drawing from my own pictures!

Please comment what you enjoy to draw or what you have drawn, and a photo if possible! 



Just Another Rainy Day…

This is not a very unique post as earlier today in England it was raining and when I visited some family members, after the rain had stopped, I noticed that a lot of the flowers looked extremely delicate and pretty with the raindrops perched on their petals. So I took the opportunity to take a couple of photographs because photography is a particular, rare activity that I enjoy to do and it has just occurred to me that there are so many beautiful sites in the world we live in, and obviously technology is constantly improving and it is understandable that like I am doing and the people who are reading this blog are doing, to use and enjoy the technology that has been created. However I like nature photography and just natural photography in general (no filters or editing, your own photographs like these are mine); it shows that people have ignored technology and have admired or noticed the beauty of their surroundings and decided to use the technology to take a photograph of this image, in order to remember that particular site and to reveal it to acquaintances, friends, and family so that they too can admire the natural beauty of nature.

Also for those who are wondering what device I took these photographs on it was with my phone, it’s a Samsung S6 Edge.

Please comment any locations or certain images of nature that you like or would like to take photographs on and what you take or want to take a photograph of them with…



Book Review – Shadow Hunters, Clockwork Angel

This is one for the fellow book worms…

For Christmas last year, in my stocking I received a new book from a series which I have never read before. As you can see from the title it was a book from the Shadow Hunters collection. Unfortunately I realised that the book which my mom purchased for me is one of the latest books and there is another six before it; I fear that I have ruined the plot. On the other hand I really enjoyed the book! I feel that I was fantasizing about a relationship between two of my favourite characters. I don’t want to spoil any of the story line for future readers so I wont refer to the names of the characters. The book was really intriguing and the mythical story line allowed my imagination to venture out of its comfort zone; I struggled to put the book down! Despite the fact that I began reading the series near the end, I still intend to get the books and read them from the beginning whilst trying to isolate the information I know about the Clockwork Angel book I received at Christmas.

ClockworkAngel - Shadow Hunters.png

I really recommend this book however I have not yet read the entire series and so I can only presume that the whole series is very promising! Let me know any books which are your favourite or whether you like the Shadow Hunter collection.



New York Is Just Over a Month Away!

If you read my previous blog before you may have noticed that I mentioned how I’m going to New York in August! I am so excited and I don’t know how to express my excitement and plans other than write a post about it. 

So to start with I need to buy some more summer tops and day dresses for the days that are blistering hot!

The day before we travel to London, because we are flying from Heathrow, I am having some acrylic nails put on I am thinking about having a coffin shape, with a warm nude nail and on my ring fingers have a glitter nail.

Now I have a lot of items which I aspire to buy in New York: The first one being A Disney pandora charm which you can only buy in USA, I want one of the princess dresses! And the second being a new eyeshadow palette but the issue is I can’t decide which palette to get! My options are modern renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills


Or one of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes
Or basically any other palette available 😭

When I figure out which one I want I will let you all know, 

I have also already purchased the bag which I believe is stylish and practical enough to use in New York,

Let me know if you’re going on holiday soon, or where you want to go on holiday or if you’ve already been and let me know what you bought while you were there!



Work Experience Information…

My Work Experience is tomorrow! I can’t quite tell what I’m more excited about; where I’m going and meeting all the people there, or wearing all my new outfits which I got last weekend! For my work experience I will be working 9AM – 5PM, I am going to a solicitors local to where my mom works which is handy as she can take me. When I was looking for my work experience placement I had no idea  where to look, or what to look for. So one day I just found myself emailing a lot of law firms, I believe overall I emailed 43 firms! What frustrated me the most wasn’t the fact that 14 firms had said no, but that 28 firms hadn’t replied. However I did get accepted.

Once I had bought all of my outfits I had to make a plan on what I was wearing on which day, with what lipstick and hair etc


Now, for the first day I feel you have to make a good impression and it is probably safer to go with trousers to see what other people in the office is wearing. So I am wearing some semi-skinny black trousers, with a blue and white shirt with birds on it tucked in, slip on black lace shoes or my silvery ankle boots and a mini embroidered rucksack. These are all from Newlook for those who are looking for office wear. For my hair I wanted to go with something basic and go for natural hair. Then for lipstick I feel you can’t go too light otherwise it will give the impression that you are shy and almost don’t want to be noticed; whereas too dark can look too bold and too confident. So I am going in the middle and wear Fastplay which is a MAC lipstick.


For the second as I have two dress options I wanted to not wear them on consecutive days so I am wearing one of them on Tuesday. It is a navy fitted dress that ties in a bow at the back, it is just above knee length as I feel any shorter would be inappropriate for a work environment. I am wearing this with opaque black tights and my black lace slip ons. I will straighten my hair for this day so everything seems neat and in place. For lipstick I want to be a bit more bold to show that I am almost straight away confident and ready to start working; I am will be wearing another MAC lipstick, Diva.


To separate the trouser and dress outfits on Wednesday I will be wearing a tube skirt with a black netted top tucked in however, the top is literally netted so I will need to wear a black vest top underneath it. I will once again wear the opaque black tights with the black lace slip ons. On this day I will straighten my hair and tie it up in a pony. As many of my outfits are navy or black and white to add some colour to this outfit I will be wearing my Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the colour Rose Matter.


This is the day that I will wear my black, semi-fitted trousers again but with a Lucy white lace top, as with the other trouser outfit I will either wear my black lace slip ons, or my silvery ankle boots. On this day I have decided to put my hair in a bun and wear my Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the colour, Vampira.


The last but most important day. I will wear my navy skater dress with white butterflies on it, with my black opaque tights and my black lace slip ons. I will straighten my hair on this day and wear an Estée Lauder coral lipstick.

Sorry I couldn’t find all the URL’s to some of my outfits. I hope if anyone else  is going on their work experience you have a lovely time!



A Quick Little Tip from Me To You…

We all know that there are people out there who don’t deserve your time. Sometimes you can’t help that and need to just put up with it. However I don’t see why you should, there are a lot of selfless people in the world who never seem to do anything just for themselves, this blog is for you. You who will never moan, will never say no and will always put everyone else before yourself. I would personally like to say thank you to all of you who are one of these people. You go out of your way to make life pleasant. Without you no one would smile, without you the world would be a difficult place to live. I have many of these people in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful.

So a quick little tip from me to you, don’t waste your time with selfish, ungrateful people; use your time well. Spend it with people who deserve you and no matter what day your reading this, promise me and promise yourself that tomorrow or today! Whenever you want, you will treat yourself.



The Beginning Of a Long Journey…

First Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry and I want readers to know who I am straight away because there are many people out there, including me, who change who they are around certain people. Whether it be friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, acquaintances, parents, other family members, or strangers. It is a natural thing for people to feel the need to change who they are, why? If it’s so that they like you or are proud of you, why does that matter? If people don’t like you for who you really are then why waste your time trying to get them to like a person that isn’t you? So I hope you accept me for who I am, this is me…


  • My name is Lucy, I was named after the character Lucy from the book, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
  • I am a teenage girl
  • I have a loving family
  • I have the best friends
  • I play the keyboard, and have been for six years
  • I love to read, I am currently reading a book about my favourite Disney princess, childish I know, but it’s a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast
  • I love to write, one of the reasons why I started this blog
  • I love to draw
  • I love to travel and hope to live an adventurous and spontaneous life with the people who I love and care for, I hope that you become one of them and join me

I am Lucy and this is me.